Created a website using Wix as it was easy for them to manage. SID event does a lot of wedding events and decorations, it's best to display big pictures of their decorations on the website. With this, potential clients are more interested in looking at their decorations rather than too much information on the website.


SID Event is a decor company that does decorations for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties etc. They were established in May 2015. 

I was tasked to manage their new venue called Bay Laurel. As it is located at Seletar Aerospace, the venue is suitable for potential clients to host their intimate weddings. Bay Laurel was established in 2021. I need to market the venue to the potential client by explaining its uniqueness. This includes the environment, and atmosphere to the exterior and interior of the Bangalow.

Studied and analysed the potential client, they would rather come down and see the space of the venue. An advantage for us to upsell them by the look and feel of the atmosphere hence decided to make the website's information short and simple.

Colour Scheme

Bay Laurel's environment is filled with trees and greenery. The colour scheme used on the website shows the calmness and serenity of the venue. It is also a colour that compliments each other as a family. 

The photos taken by professional photographers, look how it compliments the background too. 

Showcase their past decorations. Clean and straightforward.